casual shirts

Short-sleeve shirt in green
Short-sleeve shirt in heather poplin blue gingham
Short-sleeve oxford shirt
Slim short-sleeve lightweight oxford shirt
Short-sleeve shirt in striped heather poplin

Seersucker shirt
Seersucker shirt
Seersucker shirt in fine stripe
Seersucker shirt in classic stripe

Slim délavé Irish linen shirt
Slim délavé Irish linen shirt
Slim délavé Irish linen shirt
Slim cotton-linen shirt in gingham
Slim délavé linen shirt
Linen cocktail shirt
Slim Irish linen shirt in solid
Slim indigo linen shirt
Slim Irish cotton-linen shirt in solid
Slim end-on-end cotton-linen shirt in plaid

"I’m looking for quality men’s plaid shirts. Nothing too fancy."

"I need basic men’s dress shirts that I can wear to the office."

"I’m looking for men’s flannel shirts that are OK for work."

We can help with that. Email a J.Crew Stylist, who can find exactly what you need.
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