Sweatshirts & Sweatpants
Boys' Max the Monster sweatpant in classic fit


Kids' striped half-zip rugby shirt
Kids' hoodie sweatshirt in double-dip
Kids' wave-print sweatshirt
Kids' hoodie sweatshirt in bright stripe
Boys' full-zip hoodie in static print
Kids' sweatshirt in "do fun stuff" print
Boys' "The Man" sweatshirt


Boys' wave-print sweatshort
Boys' classic sweatshort
Boys' classic sweatshort
Boys' classic sweatshort
Boys' sweatshort in static print


Kids' slim-fit sweatpant in static print
Boys' quilted jogger pant
Boys' splatter-painted sweatpant
Boys' ombre mountain sweatpant


Originally PE must–haves, sweats are now every–day–of–the–week wardrobe staples. Luckily, they've never looked better—just check out our collection of cool, comfy boys' sweatshirts and sweatpants. From superbright garment–dyed zip–up, hooded sweatshirts and sweatshorts (they're sewn first, then dyed, for a unique lived–in look) to slim–fit boys' sweatpants, our boys' sweats are all soft enough for the couch, sturdy enough for the playground and cute enough for the classroom. Basically, we've got everything he needs to chill out (and keep out chills) in style.