Girls' neon flower necklace


Girls' shooting star earrings
Girls' unicorn and donut earrings
Girls' lemon and lobster earrings
Girls' rollerskate earrings
Girls' flower power earrings
Girls' stud earrings in summer fun
Girls' rainbow bracelet three-pack
Girls' lemon and lobster bracelet
Girls' "pool party" bracelet
Girls' mermaid bracelet four-pack
Girls' sparkle bracelet three-pack
Girls' fruit bracelet
Girls' unicorn and donut necklace
Girls' rainbow necklace
Girls' choker necklace with stars
Girls' lemon and lobster necklace
Girls' BFF necklace two-pack
Girls' "day at the beach" necklace
Girls' "happy fruit" necklace
Girls' rainbow tassel necklace
Girls' star bracelet two-pack
Girls' gumball bracelet two-pack
Girls' evil eye heart bracelet
Girls' fabric baby chick necklace
Girls' gumball bracelet with bows
Girls' gift-bow rings


Girls' glittery unicorn headband
Girls' bow headband
Girls' bow headband
Girls' pom-pom headband
Girls' lobster headband
Girls' fruit headband
Girls' flower power headband
Girls' soft chambray headband
GIrls' pink birthday crown
Girls' glitter cat ear headband
Girls' "day at the beach" ponytail holders
Girls' "day at the beach" ponytail holders
Girls' magical hair tie three-pack
Girls' pompom kitty hair ties
Girls' tie-dye ponytail holders
Girls' bow clip
Girls' bow clip
Girls' rainbow hair clips
Girls' pompom party hat hair clips
Girls' "happy fruit" bobby pins
Girls' "summer fun" hair clips
Girls' pineapple hair clips
Girls' celestial hair clips
Girls' tinsel hearts headband
Twisted Bow Velvet Headband
Girls' holiday hair clip
Girls' crushed velvet scrunchie
Girls' pom-pom ribbon headband
Girls' spiral ponytail holder three-pack


Girls' glitter flamingo sunglasses
Girls' heart-shaped sunglasses in red
Kids' aviator sunnies

We've said that a great accessory is like the ! on an outfit. Well, that goes triple when it comes to our pretty, playful girls' accessories. Straw hats topped with bright pom–poms, glittery cat ear headbands and critter–embellished hair pins are more like the !!! on an outfit. And our girls' jewelry is pretty amazing too: Sure, she might not technically need emoji stud earrings, stackable gumball bracelets or necklaces strung with shiny, superfun charms (think surfboards and sparkly slices of pizza), but don't try telling her that. (You've heard of must–haves? These are more like OMG–I–HAVE–TO–HAVES.) Of course, we've also got plenty of practical things, like sunglasses, goggles, snorkel sets and insulated, BPA–free water bottles. They'll do for her beach day what our other accessories do for every other day—make it even awesome–r.