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Say it with us: all cashmere everything! This luxuriously soft set includes a cashmere, silk-lined sleep mask, a cashmere scrunchie and cashmere socks. We upgraded our cashmere collection with finer, loftier fibers to make the soft stuff, somehow, even softer. And because we like to make a lasting impression, our new cashmere is also more enduring than ever—in both quality and style. We're invested in bringing you the best in cashmere, so you can feel great about investing in it too. We're proud to supportresponsible cashmere production through our partnership with the Aid by Trade Foundation (AbTF), a nonprofit that promotes sustainable agricultural development across the globe. As the foundation's first U.S. member, we source cashmere that is certified to the AbTF's The Good Cashmere Standard®, which ensures the welfare of the cashmere goats, protects natural resources and improves the working conditions of farmers and farmworkers in Inner Mongolia.

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