Women's Denim & Jeans

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Form fitting from top to bottom with a lean, elongating leg.
A classic fit with a leg that’s slim and streamlined (but not skintight).
A slightly slouchy fit with a relaxed (but not too loose) leg.
Fitted on top with an easy, of-the-moment wide leg.
Fitted through the thigh and knee with kicky flare at the ankle.
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The rule about denim? There are no rules. white jeans after summer? Sure. boyfriend jeans to your friend's bachelorette party? No problem. distressed or ripped jeans with a ladylike heel and a sweatshirt? Opposites attract, after all. And a denim jumpsuit? The more denim, the better, as far as we're concerned. Because the truth is, whether you're a skinny-, straight- or crop-leg kind of person, jeans are the foundation of any wardrobe. So make sure you have a pair (or pairs) you love.