When the shoe comes back to us, it’s a beautiful shiny pony.
And the shiny pony for this season was the Etta.”
Designed in New York. Made in Italy. Worn with affection.
Design Studio, NYC
There’s a sense of sparkle in a shoe, and I don’t mean a sparkle
like sequins. I mean that little extra...”
Workshop, Pisa, Italy
We’ve been making our shoes in Italy for 22 years. There’s a level of
family and intimacy in the factories that’s pretty incredible.”
Shoes are like fairies… with that little magical piece that finishes everything.”
Jenna’s Office, NYC
Inspiration comes from everywhere. It can be an old movie you saw, it can be something you feel like you’re missing in your closet. It’s a little bit like a river, picking up things along the way.”