Cotton T-shirt in stripe


Tall garment-dyed T-shirt
Tall J.Crew Mercantile Broken-in T-shirt in deck stripe
Tall-Triblend T-shirt
Tall J.Crew Mercantile Broken-in T-shirt in navy stripe
Tall J.Crew Jeans slub cotton T-shirt in black stripe
Tall J.Crew Mercantile Broken-in crab graphic T-shirt
Tall slub jersey long-sleeve T-shirt
Tall woven-collar polo in Pima cotton
Tall slub jersey polo
Tall slub jersey polo in tipped indigo
Tall slub jersey polo in double-tipped grey
Tall broken-in T-shirt
Tall broken-in pocket T-shirt
Tall deck-stripe T-shirt
Tall broken-in V-neck T-shirt
Tall deck-striped T-shirt
Tall broken-in pocket polo shirt
Tall classic piqué polo shirt
Tall broken-in long-sleeve T-shirt
Tall 1984 rugby shirt in colorblock stripe
Tall 1984 rugby shirt in red stripe
Tall slub jersey polo in microstripe
Tall slub jersey polo in navy
Tall slub jersey baseball T-shirt
Come casual Friday—or better still, the weekend—it's time to loosen up. But you want to look laid back, not lax. Luckily, we've got an entire collection of men's T–shirts and polos that'll help you hit the right note. Our broken–in jersey tees, for example, are specially washed for maximum softness... but they lack the stretched–out necklines and mystery holes common to the T–shirts you've actually been hanging on to since college. (The same goes for our cool team–logo tees, made in partnership with Ebbets Field Flannels® and inspired by vintage sports paraphernalia.) Need something a touch fancier? Check out our striped cotton tees and piqué T–shirts or our solid–hued collared shirts and polo shirts, which we make (in collaboration with Lacoste®, the brand that more or less invented the look) in virtually every color of the rainbow. Our button–front henleys, too, look casual but cleaned up. You'll be dressed down, not down–and–out.