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On a trip to Japan, photographer Justin Chung visited with Eiichiro Homma, creative eye and
managing director behind the Japanese outerwear-centric label to talk performance
outerwear that looks the part even on the slick streets of Tokyo.

sports authority
The brand, which is also known for distributing Filson and the high-end North Face Purple Label in Japan, quietly got its start back in 2003. Homma, a self-proclaimed nature enthusiast, spent 20-plus years working for other outdoor labels before bringing his familiarity with performance material to create his own line of high-end outerwear that’s both functional and sharp. “I thought to myself, why don’t I try to make fashionable but practical sportswear that I’d actually want to wear?” says Homma. “I wanted to design clothes for daily life—things you’ll wear every day.”

made in japan
“Japan has some of the best, highest-quality materials and fabric mills out there,” says Homma of the line, which is known in cult menswear circles for its technological overhauls of classic design and slim Western cuts. This translates to details such as fully waterproof Gore-Tex® finished with contrasting buttons, hoods lined with merino wool, snap button closures as well as thoughtfully placed (and sized) pockets throughout its assortment of outerwear.