Along the foothills of the Alps, in the Piedmont region of Italy, lies Vitale Barberis Canonico, a family-owned business that’s been handing down tradition for 15 generations. Here, they do things a little bit differently—a little more like the old way, when men dressed up for Saturday the same way they did for Monday. Here, they still pay attention to the details and know how a suit should fit—and why every man should wear one. Here, they’re making the fabric for our signature Ludlow suit, and here “cannot be reproduced anywhere else.”

My grandfather had just five jackets in his whole life, but those five jackets
were holy jackets, so he looked after his jackets like sons.”
With beautiful materials, you can make beautiful fabrics. With beautiful
fabrics, you can make beautiful suits. And with beautiful suits—it’s the
great pleasure of life.”