Paper Procurement Policy & Action Plan

J.Crew is committed to a standard of excellence in every aspect of our business, including legal, ethical and responsible conduct in all of our operations. We expect these same commitments to be shared by our business partners, including those that supply paper products to J.Crew ("Suppliers").

We recognize that efforts to improve environmental performance are the responsibility of businesses as well as nations, communities and individuals. The J.Crew Paper Procurement Policy ("Policy") sets forth the guidelines with which we will evaluate the environmental performance of our Suppliers.

We encourage all Suppliers to exceed this Policy and promote best practices and continuous improvement throughout their business.

J.Crew will give preference in paper procurement decisions to suppliers that meet the guidelines in this Policy. We reserve the right to terminate our business relationship with any Supplier who is not equally committed to our standard of excellence.

This Policy is based on a life-cycle approach with specific emphasis on the efficient use and conservation of raw materials, conservation of natural systems and clean production. In recognition of sustainability as a path, we utilize supply-chain information to measure and manage continuous improvement toward our environmental goals in order to lower our overall environmental footprint.

Efficient Use and Conservation of Raw Materials

J.Crew promotes the use of renewable raw materials as efficiently as information and technology allow. The goal is to reduce depletion of non-renewable raw materials and increase the use of sustainable alternatives. J.Crew is committed to continuously increasing its use of recycled and recovered content where such fiber can be obtained and used efficiently and to maximizing internal recycling efforts within the company.
J.Crew gives preference to suppliers that demonstrate and provide evidence of the efficient use of energy. Energy use is measured by total amount of energy allocated to the production of a paper product and the efficiency with which energy resources are used.

Conservation of Natural Systems

J.Crew recognizes that natural systems provide and sustain the common resources that living beings require. Natural systems simultaneously provide benefits such as clean air and water, biodiversity and climate regulation. In support of natural systems, J.Crew encourages full disclosure of fiber sources and gives preference to suppliers able to trace fiber back to the forest from which it came.

J.Crew believes in the responsible use of natural resources and will give preference to those suppliers that practice sustainable forestry as demonstrated by independent third-party certification to recognized sustainable forest management standards. J.Crew also works internally to identify and implement ways to reduce our overall paper use.

Suppliers shall only supply J.Crew with legally produced, sourced and/or traded paper products. J.Crew will give preference to suppliers that demonstrate programs in place for excluding illegally sourced materials and products and to suppliers that demonstrate certainty on the extent to which fiber sources in a product have been subject to a process of identifying, managing and monitoring for sensitive forest values.

Clean Production

J.Crew encourages Suppliers to employ strategies in which the negative impacts of paper production on water, air, earth and climate are reduced as much as possible. J.Crew will promote advances in cleaner paper production by giving preference to suppliers employing new ideas and technologies for cleaner production.