Fresh takes on workwear classics for all kinds of commutes,
from the NYC-based stylist.

My line of work varies so frequently in what I’m
doing on a day-to-day basis, but I always want to
look well-dressed, while still being true to me.
BY CABWell suited
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“Pairing this suit with a tee—in this case, a cashmere tee—feels cool, and not too formal.”

Have fun when you’re getting dressed for work. Wearing a suit in and of itself is commanding seriousness, so I add a pop of color in my socks. It grabs people in a joyful way.
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“I sometimes look at plaid as a neutral, especially in this taupey-brown-and-cream palette.”
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Ask a stylist:All about back-to-work styleBrie answers a few miscellaneous Q’s…
Q: Any commuter style rules?BW: Don’t wear anything too short, and always bring something with long sleeves. You never know when it could come in handy…
Q: How do you make classic workwear feel more fresh, and less buttoned-up?BW: Literally unbutton it. Or add a scarf. I use scarves so often—mostly around my neck, but you can wear them anywhere. Add something unexpected. If you’re someone who always wears a button-up with a blazer and pants, try wearing a cashmere T-shirt instead. It’s a little more comfortable and unusual.
Q: Favorite polished menswear pieces?BW: A fitted men’s sweater with men’s corduroys is always cool. If you’re a size medium, and buy a men’s medium or large, you can belt it and give it a slouchy feel for a bit of drama...depending on your tolerance for oversized things.
Q: What are your color and print philosophies when it comes to dressing for work?BW: Nothing too loud. Save those bold prints and colors for an environment that reflects the mood of them. It’s not that you can’t wear color for work, but that’s my general rule. I dress in solid tones, more neutral blues, blacks and whites. I save my neon T-shirts for the weekend. ;)
BY BIKEOn the sunny side
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“Pairing these shades of yellow feels interesting and unexpected—very Wes Anderson, in a good way. Not too kitschy.”
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BY TRAINChecked out
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“A turtleneck always elevates things. This one’s loose and light, and has a nice drape to it.”
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“I love playing with layering. Tying the shirt around the matching skirt feels like a happy accident in pattern play, and adds a cool point of intrigue”
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