X J.Crew
To make sure you take care of yourself this holiday season,
we asked energy practitioner Jillian Kasimow to share her
essentials for well-being inspired by our latest collab:
a travel-size set of healing crystals.
FOR INNER PEACELuxe loungewear“I feel most relaxed in something that’s comfortable to
move around in but still has some definition and finesse.”
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Cotton-cashmere pullover sweatshirt
Cotton-cashmere jogger pant
Sherpa flats with elastic
Ribbed cashmere beanie
M.S. Skincare Aum
restorative body oil
Things Are Looking Up
optimism card deck
Printed sleep gift set
Apotheke X J.Crew
First Snow in Oslo candle
FOR MEDITATIVE MOMENTSLittle luxuries “I love turning daily habits into meditative experiences.
Moisturizing my skin or lighting a candle are acts of self-
love that I can perform with intention.”
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FOR EVERYDAY EASEA classic uniform“I like to invest in high-quality, timeless pieces that I know
I’ll be loyal to forever. It eliminates stress for me without
sacrificing style.”
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Featherweight cashmere robe
Full-length ’90s classic straight jean
Oslo soft leather crossbody bag
Cashmere classic-fit crewneck
Hair scrunchie with velvet bow
Infinity loops ring
Pearl chain drop earrings
Twisted puff satin headband
FOR SPARKS OF JOYInstant upgrades“Elevated versions of practical objects make me feel
happy. Everyday activities feel much more special if I’m
wearing a beautiful ring or hair band.”
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BEHIND THE COLLABThe Crystal Voyager X J.Crew
Daily Essentials crystal set
“Crystals are the tools I rely on most to feel supported
each day. This set includes four universal crystals that can
be used on the go in any situation.”
For sincerity & inspiration:

“Whenever I’m unsure how to approach a situation, I hold a piece of amethyst. It calms anxiety and allows me to hear my intuition.”
For prosperity & joy:

“If you’re going into a meeting and want to feel more confident, it’s nice to have something to reach for to give you a little boost.”
For balance & clarity:

“The little black dress of crystals—it’s incredibly versatile since it absorbs and amplifies the energy of any stone.”
For cleansing & protection:

“A great travel stone...I use it to center myself if I’m feeling overwhelmed on the subway or on an airplane.”
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And learn more about Jillian’s philosophy
& practice on her website.
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