The outspoken menswear personality and Throwing Fits podcast host
took us (and his dog, Pepper) for a stroll around his Brooklyn
neighborhood to talk style theories and confidence, and answer your
questions about elevating ’fits with ease.

Once you have an internal governor that
makes you feel good about what you’re
wearing, I think you can have a lot of fun
with the high-low.
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“Who cares about cohesion?! Maybe it’s smaller shades, maybe it’s a
military watch, maybe it’s a pajama shirt with a cotton suit.
That’s personal style.”
Lawrence’s laws ofLeisure DressingBriefly, there are no rules…
1 Looking good means feeling good“The main foundational thing is confidence. That’s key. You have to be comfortable in what you’re wearing, both literally and figuratively. There’s a lot to consider when getting dressed, and that can overwhelm guys. Fit, proportion—that stuff is paramount—but I think that some people get too caught up in the nuance there.”
2 Denim-on-denim can take you everywhere“This combination can get a bad rap, but my galaxy-brain take is that when you’re doubling up you get a suit-like look—it takes a 180. You get a bold, intentional, stylistic aesthetic choice that I feel comfortable wearing to the office, to a meeting, to happy hour drinks with friends, even overseas. Part of that is having the confidence to make an intentional choice.”
3 Fortune favors the bold, with measure“If you’re wearing a full denim look, why not amp up the accessories like emerald suede loafers, or pair chinos with a beautiful double-breasted sport coat? Something that elevates a simpler look. You can build it out with a great watch, interesting shoes or a big lapel. That balance, and all of these elements combined, can bring out the best version of yourself. And that not only looks amazing, but feels amazing.”
4 Lean into chambray“You can dress up chambray with a suit, and it adds a tactile nature to a more preppy fit. It’s something universal that everyone can appreciate: classic American style and function, even in warmer months. That sweet spot of form meets function is what you want in all clothes.”
5 Dress down what’s dressed up“Wearing a suit in 2021 is a choice. There’s no reason to do it unless you want to. Today, I’m in a washed cotton suit that doesn’t even remotely need a tie, so why not wear a pajama shirt? The idea of dressing it down shouldn’t stop you. A washed cotton suit is something already, that’s a second skin right there.”
6 Learn from your crew“One of the best things about being back on the grid is seeing all my friends who have amazing personal style. They’re who inspire mine. Every one of them is into a different genre or has their own sweet spot (which obviously is the essence of style). Just getting to see them again, to see what they’re wearing, is really exciting. It’s beautiful.”
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If you’re excited to be back out in the world, the
way you dress should 1,000 percent just be a reflection
of that enthusiasm. Be yourself, be happy, be
joyful—there are no rules.

If you want to be that
confident person who’s
willing to step over the
precipice and wear double
denim, it’s a tip-of-the-cap
moment if I see you on
the street.
“Having a really nice accessory, like a belt or beautiful suede shoes,
these elements can really take something rugged (like denim) and
elevate it while keeping it grounded so that it’s not a costume.”
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The weekdayStyle editIt’s all personal, and here’s Lawrence’s take.
“Camp-collar shirts have never hit harder, and a pajama shirt is a great way to get in on the action without looking like a statistic. Wear it everywhere but in bed.”
“The most common question I get asked from guys is always something about the perfect entry-level loafer. Look no further. My inbox thanks you.”
“The foundational building block to any denim-on-denim look.”
“I got more compliments on this watch after wearing it for one day than I’ve ever received wearing a certain crown for the past three years. I’ll leave it at that.”
“Think of a washed cotton suit as the ultimate glutton for punishment. The more you beat it up, toss it on chairs without care and proudly rock it wrinkled, the better it will look.”
“Nothing unlocks the lakehouse-morning mindset quite like a chamois shirt.”
“RIP Goose. These shades are for you. We shall continue to flex in your memory.”
“These shorts are the sexiest thing a man can wear. Trust me. I’ve asked around.”
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