A GLOWING STORY WITHTracy DubbThe cofounder of skin-care brand Isla Beauty shares her fresh perspective and everyday essentials.
“My cofounder Charlie Denton and I decided to launch Isla because we wanted more transparency around formulas, pricing and the process of creating beauty products. I’m proud that we’re changing the conversation around what high-end products should cost, and what kind of information you should expect from brands.”
Her top 5 secrets to glowing skin1. “The new Isla storm serum. It protects, calms and hydrates your skin.”2. “Collagen powder. That way I can have multiple (too many?) matcha lattes a day and still be doing good for my body.”3. “My gua sha stone. I could spend hours running it against my jaw.”4. “Transcendental meditation.”5. “A good humidifier. It’s a must in the winter.”
Classic colorblocking, from head to toe.
“Launching a business in the pandemic really magnified how little control we often have over things. Being honest with myself about what I can and can’t control has helped me let go of so many daily anxieties.”
What’s inside her Montauk tote…
J.Crew face mask? Check. Skin-care essentials? Check. Scalp massager? Couldn’t hurt…
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