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Owned and operated by the Shorey family since 1909, Quoddy is legendary for their hand-sewn moccasins, time-honored craftsmanship and high level of artistry. An American classic, each pair of Quoddy's famed moccasin ring boots is made to order entirely by hand by skilled artisans at Quoddy's Perry, Maine-based workshop—no glue, staples, plastic molding or other more advanced processes are involved. Featuring a hand-sewn waterproof crepe sole with rubber traction to keep you dry and agile in rugged, wet terrain. And you'll own them for a lifetime since you can always send them back to Quoddy to take advantage of their special resoling service. (We've seen pairs from the '70s that look hardly the worse for wear.) Leather upper. Nickel rings. USA.