Fireman's jacket





      It might be the last thing you throw on as you run out the door, but that doesn't mean your coat should be an afterthought—after all, it's one of the first things that people will notice. That's why we've got a ton of cool men's coats and jackets, all of them guaranteed to make you look good even as they keep you warm and dry. (Also important!) Among our spring jackets, for example, there's no shortage of stylish–but–functional top layers, including field mechanic jackets, coach's jackets and Wallace & Barnes's vintage–inspired bomber jackets. Need something longer? Our water–repellent Ludlow mac jacket is—like any well–cut men's trench coat—super versatile, and our lightweight fishtail parka is perfect for any day (or night) when there's a slight chill in the air... There's also a waterproof navy mechanic jacket. When the temperature drops further, you'll want to check out our wool topcoats... Like all our outerwear, they feature timeless style with top–notch construction that is definitely not an afterthought.