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WITH MAC & REN HUELSTERSought-after stylist, founder of Young Coffee and dad-of-two Mac Huelster splits his time
between NYC and a cabin in upstate New York (aka living the dream). He and his wife, Ren,
were natural fits to field-test our new limited-edition Diemme boots, while talking city versus
country life, functional dressing and the importance of the right mug.

I’ve been noticing how the sounds of nature change
depending on where you are. Everyone assumes it’s
quiet upstate but it’s actually far from that—it’s just
different than it is in the city.
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“Whether I’m getting dressed for fishing, camping or just hanging out, function is everything. I lean toward classics. I like quality fabrics and relaxed fits, and more rigid materials that remind me that I’m wearing clothes.”
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Hiking boots are actually
perfect for city life. A good
hiker will keep you
protected and comfortable
but almost wears like a
sneaker. Life in a walking
city can be just as tough as
life in the wilderness, so a
versatile wardrobe is key.
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Nature allows me to slow down, and I think being able to
exist in nature is important. I’m not necessarily talking
full-on survival mode, but rather just being comfortable
and prepared out there.
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“Our kids love it here, but they also love the city. It’s really fun to watch them grow up there with so many things at their fingertips. Being upstate provides them with different experiences—balance seems to be the ticket.”
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On Ren: the textured cotton crewneck sweater, the Classic
Straight-fit jean in two-year wash and Diemme X J.Crew
Roccia Vet hiking boots.
A quick Q+A
with Mac
Any tips for people just getting into the outdoors?MH: Gear up! I love gear. The best part about camping is shopping for all the stuff you wish you had after a trip. Coffee is crucial, and so are warm socks.
What would we find in your bags when you’re upstate?MH: When we’re camping I try to keep it light and functional—there’s no point in bringing stuff you won’t use or wear. I’m also obsessed with fishing, so when we’re up at the house I usually keep the fishing gear packed up and ready to go.
You’re a coffee connoisseur—how do you make yours when you’re camping?MH: Fire coffee is easy! A good kettle or pot is crucial—something that can handle a flame. If you’re with a group, I’d recommend a french press. There are some sturdy ones made for camping that don’t use glass—definitely something to avoid in the outdoors. If you’re the only coffee drinker, then I’d go with a collapsible pour-over.
Whole beans or ground?MH: As I said, keep it light and functional, so make sure you bring ground coffee. Yes, grinding your coffee right before you brew it tastes better, but no one wants to sit outside and hand grind. Lastly, if your mug is metal and not double-wall construction, approach with caution. Burnt lips are not great
Last but not least...what are your kids into these days?MH: Louie is five and very into dinosaurs, skateboarding and riding his bike. He also loves monster trucks. Our 20-month-old, Kenji, likes drawing and cars...and basically everything that Louie likes.
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Mac, Ren, Louie & Kenji
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