POSTCARD FROM NYC WITHBeverly NguyenA morning with Chinatown’s favorite new shop girl (and
veteran stylist) as she visits her neighbors, sets up Beverly’s
and tells us why Odeon breaks are key.
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The store isn’t about being
stocked with inventory,
it’s about being present
for people.
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A quick Q&A with Beverly
How has becoming a shop owner changed your relationship to NYC?“I feel way more connected to who I grew up surrounded by. I’m the most moved by the people who have lived in Chinatown for generations.”
The product mix in the shop is so unique—how do you source from your community?“I work with some great friends who have cool taste. Hudson Wilder, based in Brooklyn, makes the majority of the glassware and plates. I’ve teamed up with a couple of people in fashion who wanted to make home goods—like John Sohn, a designer, who makes hand pillows for us. My parents make the linens!”
Are there shops that inspired yours?“When I traveled to Paris, Hong Kong or Berlin, I loved the feel of their local pharmacies and small hardware stores. You could pick up a great present for three euros. I wanted to create something like that for people here in NYC.”
How do you stay active in your community?“I tune into my neighborhood board every week to vote on changes in Soho or Tribeca. I’m always lobbying other people to join the board!”
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“My daily uniform is some form of button-down, and I love pearl earrings.
My choices make me feel zipped up, but relaxed.”
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The Odeon“I enjoy eating alone and have a standing reservation
for myself here on Sundays.”
AND NOW…Beverly’s
Tour de Downtown
Tribeca galleries“I love the galleries in my neighborhood, like Bortolami. It’s easy to
pop into during sweltering summer heat!”
Pearl River Mart“When I was opening my store, I met the owner, who was so warm
and supportive. She became a mentor to me.”
West Side Highway“I run here every morning, which is really big for my mental state.”
Union Square
+ Eataly
“I always get flowers and produce at the market and Eataly—their
ceramic cherry jars and green-sealed burrata inspire how I wrap
products. I tape a flower onto a bottle of olive oil or any gift.”
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