With NYC band Rebounder

Ski season is here, so we tapped Rebounder to try out our
new limited-edition collaboration on their way up to
Vermont’s Mount Snow for a weekend on and off the slopes.


Dylan Chenfeld: vocals & guitar
Noah Chenfeld: vocals & bass
Zack Kantor: guitar
Cobey Arner: drums

“I met the band four years ago, but I feel like we have a connection because we all grew up listening to the same bands, share similar influences and pledged our lives to indie rock early on.”


“We always joke that Rebounder is a dinner club first and a band second, if that gives you any idea of our dynamic”


Noah and I are brothers—we’ve lived with each other
almost our entire lives. When we grew up and moved out,
we had an opportunity to not be together every day…
but instead we started a touring band.

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How do you hope people would describe your music?

CA: Soundtrack for a night out on the Lower East Side.
DC: Thursday not Friday.
NC: Music to cross the Williamsburg Bridge.

What do you consider when you’re getting dressed for shows?

DC: I think we always dress like ourselves, since that’s a part of our art and presentation. It’s with us wherever we are. Someone recently said we dress like the Beastie Boys on a first date, which is not not true.
CA: I love sweaters, but they’re not great for performing, so I usually end up wearing an old vintage tee. Maybe if we get the chance to play some outdoor gigs this winter I can break out the shetland wool.

What are some of your favorite cold-weather spots in NYC?

CA: The Equinox steam room, Forgetmenot in the Lower East Side to watch some footie and Souen in the East Village.
NC: I think Central Park is at its best in the cold and snow.

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I think making music and being true creative partners is easier
when you have a shared history and references. Zack and I
even went to preschool together. We’re all lucky to have
each other to bounce ideas off of—it makes it more natural
and you can communicate just with your eyes.


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The Mount Snow x J.Crew collection

We teamed up with the southern Vermont resort for a limited-edition capsule
that evokes nostalgia for long bluebird days on the slopes.

Mount Snow X J.Crew heritage 14 oz. fleece graphic hoodie

Mount Snow X J.Crew embroidered baseball cap in corduroy

Mount Snow X J.Crew made-in-the-USA “It’s All Down Hill” graphic T-shirt

Mount Snow X J.Crew wool beanie

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