9" board short in nautical stripe


7" stretch eco pool short in maze print
7" stretch eco pool short in maze print
7" eco pool short
7" stretch eco pool short in waves


5" pool short in seersucker
5" stretch eco pool short
5" stretch eco pool short


6" stretch eco swim trunk in wave print
6" stretch swim trunk in maze print


At the beach, we know, you're not usually wearing much. So we want to make sure that what you do wear looks good—that's why every piece in our collection of men's swimwear is designed for style as well as function. Our tailored swim shorts, for example, feature a tab closure at the waist (similar to the kind you'd find on a good pair of pants), which gives them a polished look that's perfect for pool parties and clambakes. They also come in cool colors and vacation–friendly prints, just like our long board shorts and (slightly) shorter swim trunks. And we know comfort is key too: That's why all three of our swimsuit styles are made with moisture–wicking, quick–drying nylon with a breathable mesh lining... to ensure that, postdip, you won't end up sitting in a puddle. Our rash guards, too, do double duty—in addition to protecting you from chafing, they feature UPF 50 (that's like sunscreen for clothes) so you won't get fried while you're swimming, surfing or building sand castles. And like all our beachwear, they're built to stand up to big waves... so you can feel confident they'll be able to handle your epic cannonballs.