SUMMER STYLE MUSE Juliana SalazarThe LA-based stylist, creative director and self-proclaimed “ideas person” is a pro at mixing feminine pieces with menswear. So we asked her to show us how she’s suiting up this season, in every sense.

Wear something that speaks to you, and is an extension of you, versus putting on someone’s costume.
The swimsuit, two ways
“A one-shouldered one-piece feels like an outfit on its own. I grew up in Miami, and you’d just go to the pool at your house—you weren’t dressing up. But there’s a very different pool/barbecue/beach culture in LA.”

When getting dressed, everything’s an opportunity to express yourself.
“I love how versatile a button-up can be. Letting it fall off your shoulder, wrapping it around your waist, making it into a skirt… Some of mine are personalized with embroidered initials.”
The chino suit, two ways
“A relaxed suit is like a glorified sweatsuit for me. It’s so easy to put together, you don’t even have to think about it.”
“If I’m in a suit, I’m not necessarily wearing loafers or oxfords, because that can feel one-dimensional. It’s all about balance and juxtaposition.”
“As much as I love a button-up, it felt too expected here. The collared sweater makes it more casual and showcases the suit better. I’d even wear it with a white tank top underneath, a navy bandana in my hair and a straw bag, for the farmers market.”
A quick Q&A with Juliana
What are you up to these days? Workwise, or otherwise… “I’m starting my own brand, so that’s been very time-consuming. I’ve worked with brands for years consulting on product, but it’s a whole different game when it’s your own thing. I’m still undecided on a launch day, so I’ve been staying pretty hush about it. Otherwise, I still work with clients, building out ideas and art direction, and have taken up tennis and Pilates. I was never physically active before, but now I’m hooked.”
Where do you play tennis?“My instructor teaches at this John Lautner house in Silver Lake and it’s such a really dreamy, idyllic scenario. The owners are really great about respecting the tradition of letting people experience it, which is a sweet sentiment.”
How has your style evolved since you moved from NY to LA?“I’ve toned it down a bit. I spend way more time in sweatpants, but I’ll put another level of thought or detail into it. Still, sometimes I feel like I have ‘girl who just moved from New York and works in fashion’ stamped on my head. I go to this Pilates class where everyone’s in matching sets and sneakers, and I’ll show up in a big vintage T-shirt with leggings and crystal slides.”
And how else has life changed?“Living in LA has helped me focus. The physical space really translated into mental space. I’m more intentional with my time, it’s been a good change of pace and I’m way more active here.”
Can you share some of your favorite menswear styling tips?“People think they should size down in menswear, but I always size up. My favorite size in a men’s button-down is medium or large. There’s even something happening now with slouchier, lower-rise trousers. I’m definitely a high-waisted person, but I styled a shoot recently with boxer shorts under loose jeans, and now I see it everywhere. You could do the same with high-waisted bikini bottoms under a loose pair of menswear pants. I like those unexpected moments.”

I don’t look at inspiration images to make an outfit, but I look at them all day long for work. And it’s kind of my hobby. I love going down internet holes—houses, architects, philosophers. I just sent art direction for a project with a ‘1969 California feel.’ So all of these things, subconsciously or not, inform my brain.
Juliana’s camera rollSUMMER FRIDAY EDITIONFrom staying active to switching up the scenery, here’s how she makes time for herself during a busy workday at home.
“I’ve been adding these mushroom serums to my coffee and taking SuperYou to help me with my focus throughout the day.”
“I am so grateful for my little tree house in LA. The view makes spending endless hours at a computer extremely pleasant.”
“I normally go to my friend’s house down the street for lunch. She’s one of those effortlessly amazing cooks.”
“I like to read in the sun for 30 minutes after lunch. It really helps me to refresh my brain before I dive back into work.”
“If I’m really lucky, around 6pm I’ll be able to get an hour of tennis in. It’s another great excuse to leave the house.”
“I’ll have a Ghia spritz around 4 or 5 when I remember it’s Friday. It’s all mental but it definitely helps.”
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