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In celebration of LGBTQ+ Pride Month this year, we’ve made a donation to PFLAG, the first and largest organization for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ+) people and their parents, families and allies. Inspired by their mission, we gathered a few of our favorite people to talk about the idea of safe and welcoming spaces.
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Kimberly DrewCritic & curator
What’s your relationship to creating community-centered spaces?“I don’t think that ‘safe spaces’ exist, but I always feel safer in spaces
that think critically about accessibility.
Inspired by amazing friends,
I’ve learned about building spaces that don't disable others, and
witnessed others as they have strived to do the same in their respective
fields. At the end of the day, safety and accessibility are journeys and
not destinations. We are all always learning and growing.
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What do I love about being queer? Just about everything! I
feel proud of my identity every hour of every day. I feel
proud of my community from the moment I wake up to the
moment I go to bed. I think we’re in a powerful moment of
revolution and education and that thrills me to no end.
Chase StrangioAttorney
He/him; they/them
Tell us about who you are and what you do.“I’m a lawyer with the ACLU [American Civil Liberties Union] and
have been litigating trans justice cases across the country for the
past decade. I also lobby in state legislatures to stop pernicious
anti-trans bills from becoming law, pushing back against some of the
most extreme forms of state violence and power. I’ve lived in NYC
for 13 years and love it here—I think our queer and trans community
is so beautiful and magical
. We unlock and reveal all of the
possibilities that human beings possess. I am so grateful to be trans
every single day, and I love the self-awareness and creativity
that my existence has involved
What roles have safe spaces and acceptance played in your life?I have been on a lifelong journey learning self-acceptance, and I
find more strength and peace in my body every day
. I aspire to be
open to uncovering all the ways that I may find a home in my body
and the world. That openness is what makes me feel safe and alive. I
feel most accepted when I’m in my power—that might just be sitting
alone at home, feeling fully present and embodied; in court arguing
cases on behalf of my community; or out to dinner with friends and
feeling like I have the immense privilege to inhabit a body and a
life that finally feels like my own
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Helena Barquet &
Fabiana Faria
Owners, Coming Soon
She/her; she/they
What makes you feel most proud of your identity and community?“We are proud of our marriage. Representation really
and having the store together has given us the
opportunity to be seen publicly as a queer couple—and
hopefully inspire others to live their lives freely.”
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A safe space is a place of
kindness, generosity and
. It’s filled with
like-minded people who
celebrate everyone’s uniqueness
and individual experiences.
Basically, somewhere you feel
it’s okay to laugh, to cry, to
problem solve, to love.
Chase Weideman-Grant Fitness coach, personal trainer & cofounder of Batchworthy
How do you try to create safe spaces for the queer community?I am very public with sharing my family life on Instagram because I
want queer kids around the world to see that it’s possible
. Growing
up was tough. I was raised in a very conservative household and was
led to believe I would never find a meaningful relationship, have
children, be happy. But I want the queer community to see that that is
NOT your fate. You can achieve anything and everything you want.”
Describe an experience that’s made you feel proud of your identity.“The moment I saw my husband holding our kids for the first time,
definitely. I also try to live in a place of extreme gratitude for the work
that’s been done by fearless queer folks over the last 50 years.
Because of the risks they took and their bravery, I’m able to live
freely with my beautiful family
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