Girls' Bags

Looking for girls' purses that are loaded with purse–onality? Look no further... Our best–selling glitter bags are pretty much guaranteed to be her unimaginary best friends for life (even adults carry them!). In fact, you might just want to collect them all—from pretty little pouchlettes to bags inspired by her favorite foods (a pizza purse, anyone?) to adorable critters that are practically calling out, "Pick me! Pick me!". And because, well, who doesn't want to match her bag to her mood, we've got awesome emoji purses (we're crying laughing just thinking about them). For the girl who doesn't take a shine to sparkly bags, there are also furry Max the Monster bags, cool canvas overnight bags and colorful backpacks to choose from. And let's not forget the accessories—just pile on the pom-poms and fun charms to create a bag that's truly one of a kind.