Your favorite styles, tailored just for you. We shorten the sleeve, torso and inseam to better fit smaller frames. (Recommended for women 5'0"-5'4".)


Petite puff-sleeve blazer in seersucker
Petite puff-sleeve blazer in triangle dot
Petite puff-sleeve blazer in stretchy cotton
Petite schoolboy blazer in floral linen
Petite Schoolboy blazer in linen
Petite schoolboy blazer in navy
Petite schoolboy blazer in black
Petite women's Ludlow blazer in Italian wool flannel
Petite hooded fatigue jacket
Petite fatigue jacket
Petite Collection linen slicker
The petite downtown field jacket


Pre-order petite slim linen pant
Petite linen drapey drawstring pant
Petite Bristol trouser in stretch cotton
Petite Campbell capri in tiny triangle print
Petite seersucker Campbell capri
Petite Campbell capri in double seersucker
Petite Campbell capri in stretch cotton
Petite Collection cropped pant in gilded brocade
Petite Andie chino
Petite Minnie pant in stretch twill
Petite curator pant
Petite drapey drawstring pant
Petite café trouser in cotton
Petite café capri
Petite Collection cropped trouser in antique floral
Petite Bristol trouser in Italian stretch wool
Petite maternity Minnie pant
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