CREATE YOURsummerwithWe spent a day with the veteran chef and recent West Coaster in celebration of Cook This Book, her new collection of foundational recipes, to learn about her beach-picnic prep–with her husband, Ben, and dog, Tuna, too!
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Lemons, herbs, hot sauce, sour cream and salt. These are my go-to ‘stranded on a desert island’ ingredients.
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“I’m planning to live exclusively in bike shorts this summer and big comfy oversized shirts.”
In conversation with Molly
How has your approach to cooking changed since moving to LA?“The way I cook at home has changed a lot since leaving New York because I have a grill now, which most New Yorkers don’t. The first thing we got here was a grill and a pizza oven, and we built an outdoor fire pit. The joy of being here has been cooking with fire and outside with local ingredients.”
What are you on the lookout for at the farmers market?“Tomatoes, the season lasts so long in LA! And also persimmons. I thinly slice Hachiya persimmons and add them to salads, and Fuyu persimmons are custardy, so I add sea salt and have them for breakfast.”
Favorite ingredients/flavors for summer?“Lemons, herbs, hot sauce, sour cream and salt. These are my go-to ‘stranded on a desert island’ ingredients. I use a ton of herbs, citrus and hot sauce in my cooking. I stir Red Clay hot sauce (made from red Fresno peppers) into dishes in place of fresh peppers. My favorite herb is dill, but I also love cilantro. And Good Culture sour cream!”
How do you prep yourself to cook, aside from the ingredients?“There are two types of cooks: those who need an apron and those who don’t. I started a line of aprons because it feels wrong if I’m not wearing one in the kitchen! I have about 40 aprons and wear several throughout the day. It’s an absolute necessity. I wear slides or sneakers for more support on long days.”
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“I bring spreads and lots of little snacks for a picnic. I like variety!”
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Favorite local place to eat?“We like to go to Found Oyster in the Los Feliz area on Sunday afternoons. It’s superfriendly, and the food is SO good.”
What do you love cooking from your new cookbook at home?“A lot! It’s been really fun to get back into cooking through the book. I’ve recently started ‘Sunday Supps’ on Instagram. I make a recipe every Sunday and gather my Instagram followers to make it too. I like to build community on the internet in a positive way. Even if we’re not in each other's kitchens, we’re cooking together—that’s just amazing.”
Hear about Molly’s recipes, straight from the beach…
Check out Molly’s new cookbook, Cook This Book, and join her Recipe Club on Patreon, or check out “Sunday Supps” over on @mollybaz.
Molly’s camera rollTake a look at what she’s enjoying every day in her new California life.
A lazy morning with her dachshund, Tuna: “An extremely long and sleepy dog.”
Making the “Cae sal” (aka her famous Caesar salad).
“The best seafood in LA, bar none, from Found Oyster.”
Signing copies of Cook This Book (her #1 New York Times best seller!).
“The most delicious coffee bev on the planet: sea salt cream cold brew from Today Starts Here.”
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