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Creative Spirits Series

Nicole Wittenberg
X J.Crew

The NY-based artist worked with our design team to translate her immersive paintings of American coastal landscapes into a limited-edition capsule of tops and accessories. We recently met up with Nicole (and her miniature parrot, Roy!) at her Chinatown studio to get a closer look at the art featured in the collab, and to learn more about the inspiration she draws from nature.

In honor of this collaboration, and in the spirit of celebrating our environment, we’re donating $50,000 to Lonely Whale, a nonprofit organization that spreads awareness and builds community around caring for the ocean.

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“I’ve always admired the naturalness and clarity of J.Crew’s designs.
I look for those qualities in my own images as well.”

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The imagery in the collaboration
comes from my summers in Maine.
Summer happens there in a day.
Everything blooms and all the trees
are suddenly green and full.

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This pond has been a subject of mine for the past decade.
Every night, I race to capture the feeling of that particular
sunset, knowing that if I miss it, I’ll never see it again.

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“Roy is about half the size of a parakeet.
He’s got his own likes and dislikes—including colors.
For some reason, red makes him go wild with rage.”

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Nicole Wittenberg X J.Crew

“Seeing my paintings printed on clothing was such an exciting surprise.
I like the fact that the painting will change every time a different person puts it on.”

Nicole Wittenberg X J.Crew birch tree graphic T-shirt

Nicole Wittenberg X J.Crew Diamond Cove graphic T-shirt

Nicole Wittenberg X J.Crew sweet William allover graphic T-shirt

Nicole Wittenberg X J.Crew sweet William graphic T-shirt


Slouchy-straight dad jean in peach blush

Pleated capeside chino pant in marble green

Point Sur authentic bootcut jean in Carmen wash

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“I love wearing patterns and bright colors that probably shouldn’t go together.
With clothes, like art, I’m always curious to see what I can get away with.”

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It’s always been a hope of mine to make art for everyone, art
that lifts us up. These purple wildflowers, sweet William, grow
on the side of the road without tending, and return year after
year despite efforts to contain them or weed them out.

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