AN ORIGIN STORY WITH RESTAURATEUR Carlos QuirarteThe co-owner of NYC hometown favorites The Smile and Ray’s tells us how he created “clubhouses for creatives of all ages.”
Carlos, outside his first restaurant, in the garment-dyed chore blazer and organic cotton chambray shirt.
5 questions with CarlosHow did you decide to open a restaurant?
“My partner, Matt Kliegman, and I threw parties, and our logic was if we can pack a party, we can pack a restaurant.”
What’s the key to building a community?
What was the biggest surprise of opening a restaurant?
“For us it was the importance of air-conditioning!”
How have your goals changed this year?
“I think this year has taught us all the importance of time. We have no time to waste, so spend it doing things you love with people you love.”
How do you think restaurants will be different after quarantine?
“I hope people will appreciate the community that restaurants provide. It’s not about how expensive a dish is or how it photographs or how hard it was to get a reservation.”
What Carlos is cooking (and craving)
Key ingredients to start the day: coffee and our dock sunglasses.
Carlos’s Valentine’s Day gift picksfor his wife
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For his daughter
Chef-in-training teeShop now
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And for himself
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