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We want our cashmere to last for decades, and even be handed down one day. So, we asked the experts who design our sweaters how they personally care for their cashmere—and now we're sharing it with all of you. Scroll for all the details, insider tips and more in our official J.Crew cashmere care guide...

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Step 1
Hand wash
Hand washing is the gentlest way to clean your cashmere. Fill a basin or sink with cool water and add about a tablespoon of soap (lighter colors need a little less, darker colors a little more). Look for soap with glycerin and a low PH value, like a cashmere detergent or baby shampoo.

FYI: You don't need to wash your cashmere every time you wear it. We recommend cleaning after roughly three wears, but it's really up to you).

Step 2

Rinse and repeat

Add your sweater (some people like to turn it inside out) and let it soak in the cool, soapy water for around five minutes. Gently roll and squeeze the cashmere to remove suds. Then, place it in fresh water, ideally in a bigger basin or tub, and leave it to soak for another few minutes.

Step 3

Air dry

We recommend air-drying your cashmere.
Here’s our tried-and-true technique:
Lay cashmere flat to dry on a towel. Starting at the end closest to you, roll the towel and cashmere up together to gently squeeze out any excess water. Unroll and lay the cashmere on a new towel. Let it air-dry completely to bring it back to its original shape, which should take about 24 hours.

Step 4

Store with care

Cashmere sweaters should be folded instead of hung. Store them in a dark, preferably airtight spot with cedar chips and dried lavender to ward off moths and prevent mustiness.

The safe & easy way to remove pills
from your cashmere...

Pilling from day-to-day wear is pretty much unavoidable, that's where the sweater comb comes in. To remove excess pills, use a comb that’s 1/4 - 5/8” long. Comb in short strokes in a single direction at a 15-degree angle relative to the cashmere. Turn it inside out to remove any pills on the inside. Steam or iron on a steam cycle to smooth out your cashmere and return it to its original shape.

Remember: cashmere is a delicate fabric. Try to reduce friction as much as possible while you're wearing it to discourage pilling. At the end of the day, the natural fibers will grow and change with you, and we think that's kind of beautiful.

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