A SELF-CARE STORY WITH WELLNESS ADVOCATE Chrissy Rutherford Between cofounding 2BG (a diversity and inclusion consulting agency) and launching her own newsletter, Chrissy shares her everyday essentials (and little indulgences) for keeping cool, calm and collected.
“I love to give myself flowers and support my local bodegas.”
4 ways she’s practicing self-care right now1. “Consistently investing in my well-being. Therapy is a big part of this, but I’ve also developed my own rituals, from meditating and journaling to listening to music and reading.”2. “Moving back in with my parents. It’s really nice to be in nature and slow down the pace of my days—plus they’re amazing cooks, so I get to eat Jamaican food all the time.”3. “Launching my newsletter FWD JOY, which is dedicated to self-discovery, self-care and finding joy.”4. “Embracing the sweatpants life—but it always has to be a matching set, so I still look put together.”
A self-care day with Chrissy
Three shades of navy (and a mask to match!) for a walk in the park.
What’s your sign?Surprise! She’s also an astrology expert, so we had to ask for her zodiac-inspired present picks. (And we’re seeing some gifts-to-self in the stars…)
Aries“For the boldest sign: matching sweats, so they can still be the life of the party at home.”Shop now
Taurus“The bull loves luxury and comfort—a matching cashmere sweat set checks both.” Shop now
Gemini“This sign misses traveling more than most—a sleek new tote gives them something to look forward to.”Shop now
Cancer“Indulge their love of affection with this statement T-shirt.”Shop now
Leo“This sign loves attention. Help them stand out in neverending Zoom meetings with statement earrings.”Shop now
Virgo“The practical type—and what’s more practical and timeless than a crisp white button-up?”Shop now
Libra“This sign loves the finer things, so add a little sparkle to their life.”Shop now
Scorpio“They always retain a little mystery—masks certainly help these days, but a pair of oversized sunnies doesn’t hurt either.” Shop now
Sagittarius“Staying active keeps them sane, and a new workout set will keep them motivated.”Shop now
Capricorn“They’re all about business. This preppy cardigan feels polished for any work meeting, but still relaxed.”Shop now
Aquarius“This air sign loves blues of all shades, so this cozy knit will be a wardrobe staple.”Shop now
Pisces“They’re drawn to anything celestial, and these earrings add the perfect whimsical touch to any look.”Shop now
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