What is Borderfree?
We partner with Borderfree—a global e-commerce platform—to provide an enhanced shopping experience to our international customers, including quick deliveries, easy returns and competitive shipping costs. Borderfree also lets us display prices in local currency and includes international taxes, tariffs and value-added tax (VAT) into the final order total shown at checkout. At the end of July, our Canadian website will also switch over to the Borderfree platform.

Can I purchase or redeem international gift cards?
In anticipation of the switch, we have removed the J.Crew Credit Card and online gift cards from the current site as they will no longer be accessible online with Borderfree. If you have a remaining gift card balance, please contact J.Crew customer service at julie@jcrew.com or 800 205 7960.

Why can’t I continue using my J.Crew Credit Card when shopping online in Canada?
Our credit card partner can only handle transactions in U.S. dollars. We apologize for any inconvenience, and our customer service team is available to address any questions or concerns that you may have. We value you as a J.Crew customer and will continue working to bring you the best service possible.

How can I redeem my J.Crew Credit Card rewards?
The J.Crew Credit Card will be accepted on the Canadian site until August 5, 2015, and will continue to be available in U.S. stores and at the U.S. website. After August 5th, to redeem any unused credit card rewards or remaining gift card balances, please contact J.Crew customer service at julie@jcrew.com or 800 205 7960.

Have prices changed?
Our online prices have not changed. For transparency and to streamline the customer experience, we have adjusted our online prices to be in Canadian dollars rather than the U.S. dollars they were in previously.