A FEEL-GOOD STORY WITHJoe HolderWhat holistic wellness means to the trainer, creator of The Ocho System (his overarching fitness philosophy) and cofounder of System of Service, an online community that provides IRL service opportunities.
“I’ve been on my simple veggie game in quarantine. Lately I’m loving purple potatoes. When you chill them, it creates something called ‘resistant starch,’ which benefits your gut bacteria when digested. Food is chemistry, man.”
5 simple ways to take care of yourself (and your community)1. “Make sure you’re registered to vote, and see if your neighborhood has regular meetings or an online message board. The easiest way to give up your power is to not know who’s making the rules.”2. “Bike or walk more. It’s an easy way to exercise and reduce reliance on cars.”3. “Volunteer monthly in some capacity. Giving back feels great, and it helps you understand who is already trying to address problems in your community. Plus, you MEET PEOPLE. Social interactions facilitate health.”4. “Compost. Food waste is abhorrent.”5. “Buy better, consume less and donate the excess. We can’t avoid the fact that most of us have too many things.”
A morning at home in Bed-Stuy with Joe
“My meditating playlist is the sounds of the moment. I open the window and listen to what’s around me.”
“I love music for work. My current go-to is the ‘Focus Flow’ playlist on Spotify—basically up-tempo instrumental hip-hop tracks. So good.”
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